At Shift + Lift, we believe in keeping it simple. Purchase your virtual pass online using your credit card. When you attend your scheduled class, payment is automatically taken from your pass. For Spin/Fitness Classes, we offer a 10 visit pass for our 45 minute and 60 minute classes or a one visit drop-in pass. For Personal Training Sessions, we offer passes for 1 or 4 sessions. Passes are also available for purchase using e-transfer, cheque, or cash by contacting us at info@shiftandlift.ca.

Clients Share The Love

Read what our clients have to say about our programs and how we are helping them change their lives.


“Anthony has been a huge contributor to my success and the reason I started to make better lifestyle decisions. I came into his training program in terrible shape, and in need of guidance and motivation. He paid close attention to every movement and actively participated in every moment of my sessions; encouraging where needed and at the same time, knowing when to ease back. His preparation and knowledge are first class. As a result of my sessions, I have lost 3“ to date around my mid-section. I have had a few trainers throughout my life, but Anthony is by far the best and the only one I’ll ever deal with again.“


“I have been riding with Leslie and her team for over a year and the classes are the most challenging, sweatiest, and most fun I’ve ever done. I’m stronger, fitter, healthier and happier as a result! As a runner, I was looking for something that would provide an effective, low-impact alternative to running while still developing my cardio. It’s a comfortable environment and they provide the right balance of discipline and encouragement. I’ve attended a lot of different classes over the years; and the classes at Shift + Lift, accommodate all fitness levels, they challenge you and most importantly, make you feel great!“