Our 30/30 Class – Fast, efficient, results driven

If you’re busy and trying to fit in both cardio and resistance training, our 30/30s are what you need! 30 minutes of cardio – leg pumping, heart thumping energetic beat driven spin followed by 30 minutes of strength and conditioning in one fun and efficient workout. Alex Hutchison’s article in Sweat Science explains why. To sum it up, here are some of the findings:

Each of the three exercise groups had its advantages. The cardio group had the biggest increase in aerobic fitness, and was also the only group to see a significant decrease in body weight (by 2.2 pounds) and fat mass (by 2.0 pounds). The weights group had a significant increase in lower body strength, as well as a slight decrease in waist circumference.

But the main goal of the study… was to reduce heart disease risk. The primary outcome the researchers were interested in was blood pressure, and the only group to see a significant reduction in blood pressure was the combination group…this group also saw an increase in aerobic fitness, like the cardio group, and increases in upper and lower body strength, like the weights group. And in a composite score of cardiovascular risk, which summed the contributions of blood pressure, cholesterol, lower body strength, aerobic fitness, and body fat percentage, the combo group was the only one to see a significant improvement.